Episode of my writings

Minggu, 13 Juni 2010
Surrender to God

too complex to be stated in written form
too sweet to be always smiling
too sick to always cry
all is not well when released
let me in a state of peace with no feeling at all emotional
comprehensive submission to the God
always say a prayer for protection fully to God. Amin

Kamis, 10 juni 2010
Astagfirullah........!!.............sabaaarrrrrr ingat senin-kamis,..... i hate u...!!!!

Just go away..
Go, take away all the mysteries that you keep. I was ignorant about everything. Now I don't want to know anymore. My heart hurts, after falling hearts in the game you've created for myself. You're just like your name. such as thunder that comes suddenly. Surprisingly, and suddenly left with scars that make my heart panted for breath. just go away..never go back

I just now realized
You are a man that can not be trusted...
Remember, what you have done will have a negative impact on yourself someday. I'm so sorry I know you as a man who could make myself crazy thing about you..oh.. after you've successfully trapped my heart.Now I have enough reasons to hate you.. after you've managed to trap me, I will not fall into your trap again...
We'll see whether my heart is still there is nothing left for you or not...
You are really like your name. like a thunder. who came were not invited and went too sudden .. leaving a deafening loud and leave the fear in my heart .. i hate you..
Intruder in my heart.

Let time will heal my heart to you..
You know. You do not need to do something like that to me. Because all of my feelings towards you happen naturally. Without any coercion from anyone.
Now, after I learned that you have done such a thing to me. My heart and my feelings for you doesn't changed, I do not hate you, I still miss you...
It's just that this feelings happen this time, what makes my condition did not dare to reach you.. I wish this feeling  appears not at the present time, maybe I can catch you and happy with you...., but maybe not .. because there is no sure thing in this world .. God only the certainty... Let time will heal my heart to you ....

the right decision (27 Mei 2010)

Last night, I dreamed about you.
Then I woke up, and thinking... 
I've made a correct decision.
Because the great responsibility I have to endure. 
So, let yourself become my life's mysteries... 
Either in the past, present, or future. 
We will never know.I know, I must be responsible in the current situation. 
Other things, only God knows...

no title (26 Mei 2010)

waiting in the unrest souls
getting tired of this pretense
all like not real
but, always a big responsibility restrain myself
to always be in this situation.

Never Give Up (14 Mei 2010)

Jeda sejenak, jeda bukan berarti kalah. Bukan, tapi untuk kemenangan yang lbh besar....
Kemenangan yang sesungguhnya...
Semua peristiwa, walau pahit sekalipun adalah kepingan kepingan guru...
The most important lesson: "Don't trust anyone!!...just believe in my self and God!!..
Never Give Up!

Ohhhh yeeahh...pasti datang new spirit....dan cakrawala baru, lebih berbobot, lebih berani
So, Let's keep the Spirit and Smile....!!!!

My Angels (8 Mei 2010)

my girls...unfortunately, you are the most beautiful gift for me beautiful..funny...smart ...and...ouch...very active...You are my spirit, my motivation, to always be right in step in this life. do not care so much temptation in this life , you are always a major ... tired because your behavior. all missing when I can make you laugh... I love u  velli n Almira

Let it all flow as it is...(8 Mei 2010)

Small note:
I'm not unfaithful to you, but it all happened unintentionally.
I love u with all my body and soul.
babe, my brain began to be filled by him.... so is my heart. 
I don't intentionally, I' m loyal with you babe...
I never felt anything like this. 
And I don't know what the name of this feeling..
It's just this heart feels weird. 
Why could he interfere with my heart?I dunno, definite don't force me again as you are always do, and don't force me to choose you or him. 
Because I will save him on the other side of my heart..while the other side of my heart remains for you babe. Allow time to answer.. 
Let it all flow as it is...